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No need to break the bank when you want to install an irrigation system for your lawn. Affordable Sprinklers LLC is committed to providing you a sprinkler system at an affordable price.

Here’s how it works.

1. You call us for a free estimate.
2. We do the estimate and give you the cost of the installation. When you are ready, we come to your residence or commercial site and install your new sprinkler system leaving your lawn almost like it was when we first came. In a matter of weeks, now with controlled watering your lawn should begin to have the golf course type look that you've always wanted.

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Our Product of Choice

As a Rainbird Select Contractor we will install sprinkler system using other products such as Hunter, Toro, K-Rain, Weather Matic and Irritrol.

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We offer Customer Referral Discounts, Coupons, Gift Cards, and Affordable Sprinkler Free Services, extended warranties or group rates for group coming together to do installations.

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What would the word ‘Affordable’ mean without service, for that reason we now offer our line of services that will make the meaning of the word real to you our valued customer. We will go the extra mile to make our services available to you and we are only a phone call or a click away.

Sprinklers Systems

  • Winterization
  • Spring Startup
  • Backflow testing
  • Trenching or Trenchless Installations of new systems
  • Service and maintenance of existing systems
  • Remodeling of existing systems
  • Rain sensors installations on existing systems

Landscape Lighting

  • Installations of new systems
  • Maintenance and Repairs of existing systems
  • Remodeling of existing systems

Other Services

  • Boring and Trenching: Commercial and Residential
  • Landscape and Deck lighting
  • Landscape Design and Installation
  • Flower Bed Preparation
  • Installations of Retaining Walls
  • Installations of Patios and Walkways
  • Drain Tile Installation and Repair
  • Koi Ponds Installation and Maintenance
  • Pond-less Waterfalls and Waterfalls
  • Fountain Installation and Maintenance
  • Mulching and Sod Laying
  • Invisible Fence Installation, Repairs
  • Commercial and Residential Golf-Course Design, Maintenance and Installation
  • Snow Removal/Plowing

About Us

As a Purdue University graduate in Computer Technology with a strong emphasis in software engineering it was no surprise that the need to share the passion of designing landscaping and golf courses would result in the start of the company. From the inception of the company our motto has been and still is; “bettering lives through affordable services’. Affordable Sprinklers LLC. believes that the client should be better than when we first came. We take it as a sacred trust when someone comes to the website, searches it to see our many services, take the time to read and make a request for a free estimate by typing in their information and clicking the submit button.

We honor those steps by being professional in our response as we walk the client through the process which without concise information can be somewhat daunting. Sprinkler systems, landscape lighting, and some of our services are now no longer considered luxury services by many as they are now necessities because of the major investments made by homeowners and business owners. Also as the environment changes and nature becomes more unreliable for constant rainfall, dragging a water hose across your lawn if you have the time to do so is not only expensive but will never get the job done adequately.

This has become more a necessity when a home owner move into their home, the top soil has been taken away and left with clay it is almost difficult for anything to grow. A sprinkler system will certainly make the job of a lush landscape much easier than you trying to keep it up pulling hose over the lawn and besides who has the time for it.

Yes you do need to have a sprinkler system installed on your property. It’s the best thing you will ever do and your landscape will thank you for it.

Want to save more money.


As a RainBird Select Contractor the Rain Bird line of product is our product of choice for our irrigation installations. We can back their products as we have used it for many years and have hundreds of satisfied clients. Their manufacturers’ warranty is greater for their products than the rest of manufacturers and clients like this. Their products are easier to work with and extremely durable. We recommend this product and their other line of products to any residential or commercial owner. Are you ready to have a green environmentally sensitive sprinkler system? Click here to go to Rainbird website for more information.

moisture sensorIntroducing the latest smart product added to the Rainbird lineup. The SMRT-Y Soil Moisture Sensor.

Key Benefits

Toro’s line of products are used on many sprinkler system. We used their products when requested or maintaining existing irrigation systems. Click here to see more on Toro.

The Fertile Earth Feeder™ is a revolutionary device that allows you to fertilize your landscape (not just the lawn) through your sprinkling system. The device is attached to the outgoing mainline off the Backflow Preventer and together with a water soluble fertilizer is placed inside a valve box. The chemical is injected through the sprinkler system and is thrown onto the lawn or flower beds. To visit the FertileEarth website, click here. To visit the FertileEarth website, click here.

Irritrol® Systems is a brand of professional contractor-friendly irrigation products which we also use. Manufactured by the Toro® Irrigation Division their product has proven to be dependable and rugged meeting the challenge of the Irrigation industry. To visit the Irritrol website, click here.

We also install and maintain Hunter systems and will even install a Hunter system if requested by the client. Click here to go to their website.

Watts quality Backflow Preventers are used by us on most installations of sprinklers systems.

We also use Febco Backflow Preventer on our sprinkler systems and service them if it becomes necessary to do so. We also do backflow testing on this and all other brand names.

We use Netafim products for drip or sweat lines in flower beds and Planters both indoor or outdoor.

We used Weathermatic controllers and rain stations as requested by the customer.

We also used the Wilkins backflow preventer in some of our sprinkler systems as requested by the customer. This backflow preventer is the most freeze resistant.

Virtual Rain Sensors are used in virtually every job for detecting rainfall and moisture in the atmosphere. This will save the client a lot of money when it rains.

Orbit Controllers are simple to use and with their bold digital interface, programming is now very simple to accomplish.

Need an Estimate?

For a free estimate or to request service, call (317)293-0845 or fill out the form below. If you have blueprints or a plot plan, you may fax them to (317) 731-5314 . Or mail them to our address at 6265 Coffman Rd. Indianapolis, 46268.

An Affordable Sprinklers professional will contact you in 24 hours to discuss your project.


Select the services you are interested in getting a quote for.

Irrigation / In-ground Sprinkler Systems Installation
Irrigation/In-ground Sprinkler Systems Maintenance
Irrigation/In-ground Sprinkler Systems Modification
Backflow Testing
Rain Sensor Installation
Landscape and Deck lighting
Landscape Design and Installation
Flower Bed Preparation
Drain Tile Installation
Retaining Walls
Pavers and Walkways
Lawn/Sod Installation
Dog Fence Installation
Pond Waterfalls
Pond-less Waterfalls
Fountain Installation and Maintenance
Koy Ponds and Water-gardens
Boring and Trenching
Golf Course Design, Modification, Service, Installation
Snow Plowing

Want to save more money.


Want to save more money.

Time for Some Questions and Answers

Q. Why should anyone install a sprinkler system on their property.

A. Why not, a sprinkler system will save money, for now you have controlled water, no hose across your lawn wasting water, valuable environment resources and money, now you will get the kind of green lawn you’ve always wanted.

Q. One or more zones are running even when I change the programming on the controller or turn the controller off, why is that?

A. The problem is not electrical but mechanical the diaphragm inside the valve is stuck open because of some object lodged there. It may also that the valve is faulty and has to be replaced.

Q. After initial installation of sprinkler system what is the first and frequent issue to look out for?

A. Heads adjustment will need to be fined tuned, then leaks the next possibility.

Q. How will I know if there is a leak on the system and how can I turn it off to prevent a high water bill?

A. Water will pirqulate and system will lose pressure causing heads to not come up or spray weak.

Q. Should a sprinkler system be maintained and if yes why?

A. Yes whether it is a warm or cold climate it must be winterized to prevent freezing or just ware and tare.

Q. Are there warranties on newly installed systems to cover products and services?

A. Yes we do inform clients of manufactures warranties, and we do give 1-year free labor service.

Q. Is the 1-year free labor service the same as the maintenance agreement?

A. It is part of the maintenance agreement but it is not, the maintenance agreement has to do with blowing out the system, starting up in the spring of the following year, and backflow testing.

Q. Why just one zone runs at a time and not all zones at the same time?

A. All controllers are made to run zones sequentially, if all zones run simultaneously system will lose pressure and not work right.

Q. Should a start time be given for each zone or is just one time for running whether morning or evening?

A. Yes one time can be given the zones will start from zone 1 will run in sequence and return to its automated status when zone run time comes to an end.

Q. Why should sprinkler heads be installed at ground level, straight and not above ground?

A. Proper installation of sprinkler heads will aid in enhancing water coverage, hence giving you greener healthier lawns. Heads must never lean.

Q. How long does it take to install a sprinkler system?

A. It depends on how many zones will comprise the system. Systems with 1to 6 even 7 zones can be installed in one day.

Q. When and what time is best to run the sprinkler system?

A. Like breakfast the first meal of the day, running the sprinkler system early in the morning is breakfast for your lawn give it a good start for the day. 3:30 am. To 5:30 am.

Q. Can the sprinkler system be set to run more than once a day?

A. Yes, depending on the controller it can run any number of times, most run it at twice a day morning and evening.

Q. Which is better trenching or pulling the pipe in the ground?

A. It is depend if the yard is set with sod or already seeded, if it is pulling the pipe is faster, cleaner and more efficient. Trenching works for open rough ground that has not been finally graded.

Q. Should a sprinkler system be installed before sod and other landscape plantings are put in place?

A. Yes most certainly else you might be throwing your money down the drain when they all come up dead for lack of watering.

Q. If electricity goes out because of lighting strike will the programming be kept?

A. Yes as long as there is a working battery inside the controller. Always check to be sure the battery is good.

Q. If there is a lighting strike; can that affect the controller or timer from working and how will I know

A. Yes if as a result electricity goes out. The GFI outlet can be tripped this will have to be reset. In some cases if there was an electrical surge it can do great damage to the controller. In most cases the fuse will blow out and spare the controller the damage of burning out.

Q. What else can affect coverage of the sprinkler heads on the lawn?

A. Heads if buried too deep in the lawn, or if leaning and not straight, if the nozzle inside of the head comes out you will see a heavy flow of water, heads sticking up and get chopped of by lawn mover, heads that are stuck and not moving (caused by rocks inside of the head).

Q. Can an existing sprinkler system be modified to improve on water coverage?

A. Yes and in some cases it is very necessary, cost will vary depending on how much modification is needed.

Q. Can a controller burn out from an electrical surge?

A. Yes, and if that ever happens it will have to be replaced.

Q. Do all controllers need a battery for back up and if electricity goes out will that battery keep the programming?

A. Yes all controllers need to have a battery for programming backup, if there is no battery and electricity goes out the controller will have to be reprogrammed.

Q. If electricity goes out and it comes back but the controller still says ‘no power’ what should be done next.

A. Most times a simple resetting of the GFI outlet somewhere in the vicinity will return electricity to the controller.

Q. Can a sprinkler system be installed before a deck, patio, pools, fence or other outdoor projects be installed?

A. Yes it can be done with the homeowners consent and any information provided by them on the imminent project.

Q. What part of the sprinkler systems is easiest to freeze and break?

A. The backflow preventer simply because it is above ground.

Q. What is involved in winterizing a sprinkler system?

A. Air is pumped into the system after the main valve for sprinkler system is shut of and valve switches are opened up.

Q. Will installing a sprinkler system improve water consumptions for lawns?

A. Without a doubt, for now watering is done under controlled watering of a timer. The priority is to be sure that controller is program to run optimally.

Q. Should I go ahead and have one installed?

A. Yes it is time to enjoy your yard and leave the work to us.


We are tremendously grateful you visited the site and more so this page. We do not take it lightly when a customer or friend refers someone to the company. It shows us that you have the utmost confidence and trust that Affordable Sprinklers will get the job done in a professional manner at an affordable price.

We have made it easy for you to do so. By simply entering all your personal information, that of your referral (s) in the form we will expedite the process of contacting your referral (s) quickly, while at the same time keeping you abreast of the process and the decisions of the referral. If the referral goes with Affordable Sprinklers then we will send you monetary gifts, gift cards, coupons for free services. All rewards will be at the discretion of Affordable Sprinklers LLC.

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3. Must be ready to sign a maintenance contract with the company.

We also offer discounts to individuals who have served in the military, those presently serving and senior citizens living on fixed incomes.

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Want to save more money.

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Your home or business is a major investment and so when asked to install a sprinkler system or one of our many services,we take it personally as our responsibility to honor that trust by installing a system that will exhibit our professionalism and meet customer’s approval at sign of. To accomplish this we set out to do several things that will make this happen and here is the break down:

From the moment we enter the site we see it as several sections all comprising one whole unit, we call these sections zones or stations

Each station or zone of the site or property is plotted with heads at strategic points to overlap each other to give adequate head to head coverage. We call it the rain-curtain effect. We want to have as much of a golf course type look and to accomplish this,the direction of wind-flow along with strategic head placement is critical. We then take a pressure test to determine what type of nozzles should each head have for adequate watering. We must have no dry spots on lawn.

We then pull the pipes in the ground using a vibratory plow about 1ft deep; the mainline, then the lateral lines for zones. We trench along the side walks to bore up under it to put heads in the adjacent grassy strip, this is necessary for proper coverage in that area. A Backflow Preventer is always put on the incoming mainline and out to the valves in the ground to protect the water supply of the site from cross contamination.

An indoor or outdoor controller is mounted to allow the system to work automatically, and a rain sensor is installed externally for interrupting watering operation if it rains. With the green sprinkler heads (heads that don’t used much water and work with lower water pressure) installed, water conservation is key, putting more money in your pocket.

Finally, to level out the turf after installation is complete we take the wheels of the vibratory plow and run it over the areas where the pipes were pulled. By such we make the site look like we were never there in the first place. Your neighbors and other businesses are looking for high quality workmanship and professionalism from a company who cares and that’s us. On average we finish a job in one day. The controller is programmed for optimal running early in the morning and like breakfast the first meal of the day, early watering is most important for a green turf. In a few days a green lawn will begin to show itself and that’s what we’re about.

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